Innovation Den

Imagine a building that bustles with an ecosystem of co-working, office spaces, a private club, a coffee shop, and light retail. Welcome to the Innovation Den, the American dream factory of inspired cities.

Dens give entrepreneurs and engaged citizens a dedicated, energized space to create community, ideate, and build. These unique, purposefully-designed buildings also give a physical platform to host IC programs, such as Fireside Chats and Coffee & Concepts.

While Dens are impressive in their vibrancy, they are not the first step in transforming a community. Indeed, without a passionate citizenry and engaged city stakeholders, these types of structures normally sit unfilled and disconnected from the pulse of a city. As a result, Dens will only be constructed after IC programs have fully taken root in a community -- usually after one to two years -- and stakeholders have demonstrated an ability to sustain a Den's operations.

IC emphasizes that while we can provide limited advice and direction on creating a successful Den, we instead partner with private sector developers in creating Den properties.


Innovation Den - Coeur d'Alene

The Den at Coeur d'Alene is an incredible space that houses 57 offices, a coffee shop, a barber shop, a great room, and a private club. The building previously sat empty and decrepit for 27 years, having once flourished as an Elks Lodge but later fell into disrepair. Three developers teamed up to reclaim the building and redesign it for a new generation of engaged citizens and entrepreneurs. Take a tour by clicking the link below!