The Innovation Collective Has Three Main Objectives For Communities, Rebranding Economies, Importing Experts and Activating Entrepreneurs

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Rebranding Economies

The Innovation Collective works to provide insight and leadership to local community leaders, municipalities, education institutions and most importantly the community to work together as we rebrand local economies into innovation hubs that focus on a common exponential technology. The result is a town thinking about the future economy, adjusting their lives to participate in that new economy and building meaningful companies that contribute to the macro economic trend.

Importing Experts

We believe when a town begins to embrace new exponential technologies as a future economy, that it is important to make sure they are mentored by the leading thinkers in the space. Because of that belief, we pay to fly in experts from around the world all year long and introduce them to the business leaders, students, entrepreneurs and government officials in our area. This creates a mutually beneficial mentorship model. An additional strategic benefit of making these experts “friends” of a fledgling economy is that they being to talk about the town and the companies to their personal circles of experts. This creates believers and curiosity about this odd small town economy focused on a high tech sector.

Activating Entrepreneurs

The Activating of Entrepreneurs is a process that builds on the events that are taking place but take the growth of individuals to a whole new level.  We do this by establishing intentional communities within each town that foster entrepreneurship, innovation, personal growth and a community based camaraderie that simply is not to be found anywhere else.

Activation happens through 4 main channels: Private Clubs, Education Reform, Co-Working Spaces, and Access To Capital  

A Private Club

The Collective is our private club. Why a private club? We like to think of it as a modern twist on a country club or the role that The Masons organization played in the past: regularly connecting like-minded individuals in intentional engagements that create long term relationships, foster ideas and create real mentorship opportunities for its members. The private club holds special events that cause members to challenge themselves to think bigger and act bolder than ever before. Our private club’s members have access to meeting spaces, get to attend bi-yearly leadership retreats with world renowned experts, participate in our Leadership Academy, and have special access to our network of industry giants.

Some of our intentionally crafted social and educational experiences include:

  • Monthly group experiences on optimizing capital, relationships and professional skills.
  • Q and A sessions with notable executives
  • Network access sessions designed to make meaningful professional introductions
  • Leadership curriculum discussed as a community
  • Thought provoking Art and Film nights
  • Invite to Leadership Summits. Past Summits have included  executives from Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce, BMW, and Johnson and Johnson.

Co-Working Space

Idaho is consistently ranked as the #1 or #2 state in the union for producing patents per capita each year. With us being one of the smartest, most creative states in the union, it is important we have locations to gather and create together.

That is why we built IC: Work; the premier coworking space in Idaho. At any given time of day you will find people sitting at laptops or tablets working away on their minimum viable product or you might bump into an executive who runs marketing for the 4th largest mobile handset maker in the world, yes he works in IC: Work.

Our 1gig fiber internet connection makes us a desirable place for anyone who works in the digital world and the in office bar just adds to the fun.

Currently we have Co-working in our Coeur d Alene Hub To check on availability Email Us

Coworking Includes:

-Wifi (1 gig fiber)
-White boards
-Conference room with projector
-Local onsite servers
-Coffee maker

-Office furniture
-Collaboration opportunities
-Private social network
-Mail service

Community Events

Each year the Innovation Collective hosts 50+ events that range from Q&A sessions with patent attorneys, classes from distinguished entrepreneurs, large networking events, private dinners with renowned inventors and more.

One of our most attended events is the once a month fireside chat. We interview a successful entrepreneur, inventor, or executive for an hour in front of a crowd and at the end we open it up for q and a and networking at the end. Each fireside chat we have different beer sponsored by different breweries in the northwest like Ninkasi, Elysian, Firestone and other great beers. Some past interviews include a photographer for Apple, the inventor of Space Ship One, a co-founder of CSPAN, past chairman of ESPN, and many others.

Another favorite event of the community is our coffee & concepts. During this bi-monthly event, people gather to talk about what is happening the world of tech and to share what they are working on or need help with as they build their tech company. We have seen people find co-founders, get help with patents, identify a key pivot in their plan, and many other significant events.

We also host pub nights, small dinners, classes, and more. Come join us at an event and be a part of a movement where patents are being filed, companies are being funded, kids are being taught to code, 3D printers are being built, and robots are coming to life.

Corporate Partners


The Innovation Collective wouldn't exist without the mutually beneficial relationship we have found with corporations. Their support, generosity, and partnership is key so we can do the important work of aggressively growing the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem. Many of our partners not only contribute financially, but they also support our community with their excellent services.

In our relationships with corporations, we discovered we can also play a key role by providing technical and entrepreneurial education to employees as well as collaborate on special projects together.  When this relationship is optimized, it drives productivity, creates opportunities, and increases satisfaction in employment. It truly is a win, win scenario.

If you have any questions about becoming a corporate partner or want to learn more about the benefits included with it, please email us at

Corporate Benefits Include:

  • Memberships to the IC: Leadership Network for selected staff
  • Logo on the website and mentions throughout the year in communications
  • Tickets to the Think Big Festival
  • 1 annual on site corporate staff innovation training
  • Email access to the IC: Influence Network
  • Request Think Big Festival speakers for corporate events

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Want To Find Out More?

Currently Innovation Collective has Hubs in 3 cities, Lodi Italy, Lethbridge Canada, and Coeur d Alene Idaho. We have plans to expand further into communities where there is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship willing to lead the charge.

Each hub is part of the Innovation Collective but each has its own focus on technology. Lodi is focused on Alternative Energy while Lethbridge is centered on Food Production Technology.

Coeur d Alene is focused on robotics and artificial Intelligence. Each new hub will be focused on the developing technology in their community.

To learn more about how to begin laying the ground work for a Innovation Collective Hub in your city click here and send us an email with your idea and questions.