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Utica Rising!

With large amounts of wealth concentrated in the hands of the few and mass migration to major cities, it is time we start to ask a few questions.

Has capitalism failed us? Is there a way to create a homegrown economy that can compete with the allure of the high paying jobs in “the city”?


These questions reflect the concerning brain drain and the seemingly out of reach rungs on the ladder of capitalism. Some sit back and hope a large company or large group of talented people relocate to the area while spouting Stockholm syndrome style statements like, "people will choose our town because of the quality of life and the affordable cost of living."

It is true that some scraps may fall from the sky, but it is time to take a seat at the table of the fast-paced knowledge economy and build from the bottom up.


Why Innovation Collective?

Innovation Collective has been obsessively and successfully creating answers to this problem for the last 5 years. We are proud to have an initial partnership in the Mohawk Valley with Upstate Venture Connect, and the support and involvment of MVCC, the Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, and UpVentures Capital as well as local entrepreneurs like Frank DuRoss and Bob Bojanek.


Stronger community and inclusive capitalism are things that Utica can, not only experience in abundance, but we have been building a custom fit local roadmap that will produce real results.

Officially we have been to Mohawk Valley for two separate trips and have met with over 100 citizens. Our initial work is focused on deeply understanding the strong community players, positive and negative themes, available community resources, and knowledge economy opportunities.

Without a doubt, the community and economy transformation model of Innovation Collective is a great fit for the Mohawk Valley.

Over our 5 year partnership, we will be working closely with Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica College, local government, strong civic organizations, but more importantly, we will be undertaking the task of partnering and inspiring every citizen in the valley.


The Mission

Our mission is to ensure every human has a plan of how to set and achieve personal goals. Through this process, you can’t but help to be amazed at the economic impact of newly activated humans. We do this through 70+ events per year, new forms of education in partnership with current efforts, storytelling nights, community idea innovation forums, and more.

Currently, we have already begun conversations with Apple, Facebook, and IBM about the Utica region. Keep in mind, our work is not to get the companies to move to the area, but to get bridges built between the citizens pursuing their dreams and the mega-corporations controlling the economy.

Stay tuned for the detailed 5-year community and economic transformation plan. Shortly after that, we will begin the online and in-person events in partnership with the coalition of the willing.

In the mean time, let’s start building something special together! Help us spread the word about this new approach to communtiy transformation among your friends and associates.

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Cheers to the Mohawk Valley!

Cheers to the hard work ethic of the people!

Cheers to the 5 brand new, locally grown, $20 million companies we will create together over the next 5 years!

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