1601 Genesee St., Utica NY • November 12-13

Come meet world class speakers who are on the leading edge of entertainment and sports!

Event Schedule

November 12

1-5pm: Future of Entertainment and Sport Industry Think Tank (Invite only)

6pm: Sunset reception  @ Swifty’s Pub which is located downtown 

November 13 - 1601 Genesee Street

12pm - 3pm: Speaker Panels

4pm - 6pm: Tech Carnival and after party to follow!

Beer Garden, VR, Robotics and drone racing! 

Think Big Is For Anyone Who Wants Better

Better Contacts

You will meet leaders in technology, CEO’s, Venture Capitalists, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Students, Educators, Inventors, heck, we even have cyborgs once in a while!

Better Companies

Find like-minded people who are creating companies that are changing the world. This event pulls together real people who are trying to create a different type of company for our future.

Better Future

Technology should not be about dominating the competition but making life better for real human beings. We believe that the future does not have to be a dystopian, but can be full of beauty and goodness. Come see what a positive future looks like!

Better Communities

You’ll connect with people just like you who know they are capable of great things. This event really is for everyone who believes they can build a better future through community. 

This year's speakers and special guests

Erik-Michael Estrada


Erik is a multi platinum recording artist and entertainer with a wide ranging twenty year career. Early into his career he achieved multi platinum success with four albums worth of material as a member of his band O- Town.

As a philanthropic passion, Erik has been preparing to launch a blockchain based project to fundamentally change how donating is done. “By fusing the NFT with the act of giving we can reshape how the world views their relationship with crypto and NFTs while also creating a positive impact in so many real lives through a simple click.”

Waren Brand

Warren Brand

Community Artist & Activist

Warren is the CEO of Branded Arts, an LA based artistic collective that focuses on enahcning private developments, civic enhancements, branding intitatives and exhibitions.

Branded Arts offers a full spectrum of artistic services for communities and corporate settings alike. Whether it’s signature murals, sculptures, paintings, or pieces for full-scale development, we will take care of every detail from the concepts to the installation. 

Over the last 9 years, Branded Arts has produced over 500 public and private art installation projects in over 50 cities worldwide.


Marc Hom

World Class Photographer

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Marc Hom has made an indelible mark in the world of fashion photography and is now one of the leading portrait photographers living today. He is known for his timeless and classic portraits of some of the most creative, influential, and notable individuals of our time.

Amongst his subjects are Robert Redford, Johnny Depp, Alicia Vikander, Angelina Jolie, Christopher Walken, Brie Larson, Kate Winslet, Julian Schnabel, Wiz Khalifa, Iggy Pop, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Michelle Obama, Quentin Tarantino, David Beckham, royal families and politicians for such leading publications as W magazine, Vanity Fair, GQ, German vogue, Esquire, and Harpers bazaar. 

Richard Altenback

Richard Altenbach

Violinist and Composer

As an active Hollywood recording musician and A-List violinist, Richard has participated in over 1000 film scores with such composers as Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman (Principal 2nd Violin) and John Williams. He is featured in films such as The Lion King, the Jurassic Park movies as well as the Bourne, Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story series. 

Richard teaches composition, notation and violin, and offers his two seminars entitled A Century of Music in Film and Home Studio Recording on a Budget.

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Think Big Festivals are unique. You get access to presenters. You get access to parties. You get hands-on access to the technology being discussed. From the Tech Carnival, to the speaking, you will walk away with a brand new perspective on the future. Don’t miss out on these once in a lifetime opportunities.

These weekends are a part of the unrelenting pursuit of “better.” You get access to the world’s leading minds who are actively working on creating a better world in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, aging, longevity, arts, sports, entertainment, venture capital, entrepreneurs and more.