Think Big Festival

The Think Big Festival is a three-day celebration that gathers a community’s citizens to explore the innovations and opportunities related to their vertical and gives them access to coveted industry experts. Events include a private concert, hands-on carnival of products and services related to the vertical, and TED Talk-like remarks on the latest trends and challenges affecting industry.

We also gather our speakers and corporate executives for a private gathering -- IC Think Tank -- where IC entrepreneurs engage in conversations about vertical innovations and how local companies are working to address them. Also included are area non-profits who present their unique challenges and brainstorm on how tech solutions might solve them. In the tech world, these sessions are called "hack-a-thons," and they're incredibly dynamic. 

Finally, festival-goers enjoy Tech Parties where local companies within the vertical show off their businesses and related products in a pubcrawl format. This has been particularly inspirational for outside industry leaders who aren't accustomed to finding innovations in nontraditional markets.


Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Explore the Think Big Festival at Coeur d'Alene, which focuses on the robotics vertical.