Our five year campaigns don't just deliver promises.

They deliver results.

Since IC's launch in 2014, we've unlocked $57M in new investments, helped launch 35 new LLCs, encouraged new education programs, and inspired over 11,000 program participants.

In our flagship city -- Coeur d'Alene -- there are now more tech companies per capita than any other city in Idaho.

Explore just a few specific examples of how our programs are rebuilding inclusive communities and unlocking the economic prosperity of inspired Americans.


Creating Jobs

In 2013, IC interviewed the founders of local startup company Rohinni during a Fireside Chat. The firm's executives certainly had a compelling product -- an invention that could place light and micro-electornics on multiple surfaces -- but they also had a compelling story: founder Cody grew up on a Native American reservation and had to work with purpose and tenacity to overcome adversity.

IC took an active role in Rohinni's marketing and funding in order to help them expand their reach. Today, Rohinni employs over 40 people and has secured 44 patents, enjoying a reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the space of consumer electronics and automotive display.



Refocusing Education Systems

After IC staff chose robotics as Coeur d'Alene's vertical, one challenge remained: there were no institutions of higher education offering related degrees. After engaging various potential partners, IC staff quickly saw the importance and potential of one prospect -- the University of Idaho. The school has since made Coeur d'Alene its home for computer science education with an emphasis in robotics. In fact, the university houses its classes at the Den -- the school's first off-campus program -- in order to be closer to IC entrepreneurs.



Building Inclusive Communities

If you watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show, you probably know Alex Knoll. Alex is a 10-year-old boy from the Coeur d’Alene area who dreamed up the Ability App for the disabled community. The app finds places, services, and even employers who are sensitive to the needs of our disabled friends and neighbors.

IC Founder Nick Smoot first met Alex in 2015 at a science fair and wanted to help him grow his idea into a functioning app. The boy gave an inspired pitch to attendees at a Think Big Festival, leading two executives in the audience to stand up on the spot and promise funding and technical development. In short order, Alex went on to start his company and win several contests, including The Inventor's Challenge. His big heart and passionate belief in the disabled community caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who awarded him with a $25,000 prize. Ellen also brokered an introduction to Alex's hero, Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Alex is a great example of how IC can help even kids and their families think big about what can be done in their communities.


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