Our Programs


We operate a five year campaign of programs that inspire people, foster new businesses, and unlock millions in investments. 


Once a month, IC staff interviews fascinating speakers from around the country to remind participants that all people can do incredible things.

Coffee & Concepts

Twice a month, the most curious minds in a community gather to discuss the latest tech news affecting regional, national, and global economies. Participants also brainstorm ideas for new businesses or seek advice.

City Compass

For upwards of a year, IC staff engages local leaders to discuss which economic niche -- or "vertical" -- best suits a city's history, strengths, and passions. Once IC chooses the vertical, willing stakeholders reorient a city's laws, education systems, and business community to foster the vertical's success.

Think Big Festival

Once a year, our staff hosts a three-day celebration that explores the innovations and opportunities shaping a city's vertical and gives participants access to leading industry experts.

IC Leadership Network

Our leadership program includes a wide range of events that encourage people to develop the best version of themselves and employ it in their work, home, and community.

Innovation Den

Once the above programs develop a tribe of entrepreneurs, IC works with industry partners to build or refurbish a facility that houses both IC events and new businesses.

Corporate Partners & Investors

Once the city-wide ecosystem is in place, IC brokers introductions to corporate partners and investors.


Changes in the knowledge economy often leave average people without the job-ready skill-sets that will give them upward mobility and keep them relevant in the changing workplace. Inspire Idaho fixes this problem.


Do these programs actually work?

They sure do. Read through our data about new jobs, new investment, and reformed systems of education. Hear about how we're building inclusive community. And be inspired by stories of transformation.