What We Do for You

Innovation Collective is an inclusive tribe of like-minded but diverse people from around the globe who work together to draw out the best in each other and pursue our dreams. Whether you find yourself in a small town in Idaho or a suburb of Los Angeles we can help you get the most out of your personal and professional journey. In the cities where we have an Innovation Collective Community, we host free monthly events that you are welcome to be a part of. Our goal is simple: Prepare humans for the future of work. To do so, we rebuild community and then discover economic opportunity for all. Join us! 

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Public Experiences

We hold over 100 experiences a year that are completely open to the public throughout our IC Hubs. Coffee and Concepts, Fireside Chats, and Think Big Festivals combine to create a community of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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 The Innovation Collective Leadership Network - ICLN can be described as an educational and social country club for entrepreneurs. It is, at its foundation, a community of executives, young entrepreneurs, policy makers and educators working together and challenging each other while enjoying the best parts of life. 

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Our members have exclusive access to a number of benefits that can be found nowhere else: Email access to our private network of experts, exclusive experiences, startup capital, and support in developing the innovations of tomorrow. 

“There is so much value in what is happening within this group. I wish I had met most of these people and had this network earlier in life. It is truly invaluable”
— Robert Titsch, Co-Founder of C-SPAN