Frequently Asked Questions


What is Innovation Collective?

Innovation Collective is an economic transformation agency. We are here to help everyone in the world understand and prepare for the future of work. We do this by building authentic community and inclusive opportunity. 


Who started Innovation Collective?

Nick Smoot Founded the Innovation Collective in 2014 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Does Nick Smoot do speaking engagements? 

Yes. We often can’t get him to stop. In all reality, he does love to speak and help create change. He has spoken for SXSW, TEDx, and other notable events. 


Where does Innovation Collective work?

Innovation Collective works anywhere that there are people who want to see their community changed and prepared for the future of work. City size does not matter and we are big believers in the underdog. 


Can I have an Innovation Collective in my community?

Yes! We want to bring the Innovation Collective transformative process to everyone in the world so we have made it easy for any person, city, or group to bring Innovation Collective to their town. Click here for more information on becoming an Innovation Collective Community. 


How is Innovation Collective Associated with The Innovation Den?

The Innovation Den is a commercial real estate project lead by 3 business partners: Rich Thrasher, Cody Peterson, and Nick Smoot. While Innovation Collective calls The Innovation Den it’s headquarters and hosts many of the events there, Innovation Den and Innovation Collective are two separate organizations. 


Will there be more Innovation Dens in towns Innovation Collective expands into?



How many people does it take to run an Innovation Collective?

The good news is that you can start an Innovation Collective in your city with only one passionate person who wants to change their community. Want more information on how? Click Here


What is does ICLN stand for?

ICLN stands for Innovation Collective Leadership Network.


What is the ICLN?

The ICLN is a community of people like you learning together and challenging each other while enjoying life. The ICLN is the inner circle of the communities we build. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our leadership network, but know that there is an expectation that in joining you are now committed to becoming the best version of yourself and offering that to the world around you. This includes at work, home, and in the community.


Who can join ICLN?

The ICLN is open to anyone who wants to commit to being a part of a group that desires to grow personally and professionally together.


How much does it cost to join ICLN?

Membership in the ICLN costs $800 per year or $66 per month. This cost covers 4 books per year that we read as a community, 3 Summits per year with renowned entrepreneurs and leaders, VIP Think Big Festival Tickets, 12 Network Access sessions (SNAP) and special access to multiple private venues. There are scholarship opportunities for those individuals who genuinely need assistance.


What do I get if I join ICLN?

3 Weekend Long Private Summits with Successful Entrepreneurs, 3 Eight Week Personal/Professional Development Sprints (The Great 8), 12 Network Access sessions designed to make network sourced, purposeful introductions (SNAP Sessions) , 4 books read on your own and debriefed as a network, VIP Tickets to Think Big Festival, and Special Access to multiple private venues.


How does Innovation Collective help a community choose a technology focus?

Over time as each community begins to meet regularly, work with higher education institutions, and develop authentic community, we begin to explore what identity might fit them best based on the history, local needs, educational opportunities and resources available within each geographic area. We then work with local media, educators, business owners, and people within the community to create a new narrative around the technology focus.


What is the ultimate goal of Innovation Collective?

To help everyone in the world learn that they are awesome, have incredible talents, and we need them to give the best of themselves in this life. In doing so we want to re-imagine capitalism into a system that works for anyone, everywhere in the world. 


Can I have an Innovation Collective in another country?



Are there different Innovation Collective deployment models?

Yes! There are currently three deployment models based on where a community is at and who is ready to step up and lead the transformation of a community. The first model is a free one where we teach you how to start gathering a community by using Fireside Chats first and then Coffee and Concepts to create strategic community building events. The Second deployment model is a Licensed Coaching engagement where an organization or community who has someone ready to lead an IC and wants our team to coach you through getting it up and running, engages with us to help jump-start the process. The final deployment is a rapid deployment model where a community engages us to hire a local community manager and run the complete IC strategy for them. To read more about these three models, check out the information found here


Where are Innovation Collective’s headquarters located?

Innovation Collective’s headquarters are in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. 


Why is Innovation Collective’s headquarters in Coeur d’Alene?

IC’s headquarters are in Idaho for a number of reasons: first, Coeur d’Alene is an amazing place. Second, it was our first Innovation Collective. Lastly, because Coeur d’Alene is a shining example of what can happen when a community “links arms” and starts marching in the same direction. Sure Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Seattle can make cool stuff happen, but so can Coeur d’Alene, Butte, and Santa Fe.


What are IC’s Political/Religious Leanings?

Innovation Collective cares about people getting things done. That is our corporate religion and political belief. Beyond that, we are apolitical and non-religious. We encourage everyone to find their authentic sense of self including their religious (or lack thereof) and political beliefs. Then we tell everyone to get along and focus on solutions to common human problems. 

How does IC select the towns it works with?

There are several ways that Innovation Collective initiates relationships with the communities where we are at work. Sometimes we look for strategic partnerships, sometimes we work where we have existing relationships, most often we are active where someone said to us, “Hey I want an Innovation Collective in my town!” So let us know by emailing us at 


Does IC work with K-12 schools and Colleges?

Innovation Collective works very closely with higher educational institutions. We work with colleges, universities, maker spaces, and corporate partners who want to bring their education platforms to those within our communities. One great example of this is the Inspire program. Click here to read more about how IC is helping to champion bringing new forms of education to everyone. 


Does IC Ever invest in other companies?

Innovation Collective is connected to a separate investment group currently called Mountain Man Ventures. While Innovation Collective does not directly invest in companies, we work closely with Mountain Man Ventures and other investors to make sure that startups in our communities that have created investment-worthy companies have access to the capital they need to build their companies.


Can I apply for a job with IC?

You sure can. If you want to work for Innovation Collective simply send your resume to and we will be in touch.


Can I donate money to IC?

You absolutely can. Innovation Collective has partnered with the Let’s Save America Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit corporation) who helps fund our educational efforts like the various events we hold, the leadership network and training materials we use to help people learn how to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.


What is a Coffee and Concepts?

Coffee and Concepts is a time where we get together and drink coffee, introduce ourselves to each other, discuss tech news, and share ideas we have for companies or things we need help with. This forum has become invaluable in helping all sorts of people get unstuck with their ideas. 


What is a Fireside Chat?

Imagine getting to spend an evening hearing a successful entrepreneur or leader tell you all the stories you never get to hear like their biggest failure, what events shaped their lives, what they were like as kids and how they got the skills that made them what they are today. You even get to ask them the questions that come to mind while they are sharing. We do this on a monthly basis over free wine and beer! Fireside Chats start with a time to meet a bunch of like-minded people in your community, catch up with those you already know, and intentionally build new relationships.


What is a SNAP Session?

A SNAP Session is an event open exclusively to members of the ICLN who come prepared to present a specific need in business or personal life. Once this has been presented, all members attending open up their “community Rolodexes” and begin to offer connections for the needs being presented. It may be an introduction to someone with the expertise they need, it may be a short idea session where new thoughts are presented. These are incredibly inspirational times of sharing and collaborative problem-solving.


What if I want an Innovation Den in my town?

Innovation Dens are incredibly cool and inspirational, however they are not the start of the journey, they are the step down the road of building a community. Want an Innovation Den in your town? Start by letting us help you build an inclusive research and development community. Once the human community has been built and is ready for a new physical space, then we can help identify a great place to rehabilitate, set down roots, and grow!