ICLN Fall Summit

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Another Benefit of Membership...

ICLN is kicking off this year's Fall Summit with Vandana P. Harris and Bryan Dean Wright! This is not some stuffy conference. Think a 2 day, adult summer camp. Here we grab a beer, get to know each other, and even go to breakfast with some of the coolest people you will meet. 

Vandana speaks seven languages, yes seven, and used to manage the Queen Mother's money. Now Vandana is a partner a firm that helps tax strategy for the worlds largest wealth. And, now she's coming to hang out in CDA!

Bryan is an ex- CIA agent who was commissioned by the government to study the effects of jobless in the world on homeland security. He is often a guest on Fox News and CNN. So this weekend we are gonna get to know what makes these people tick and the stories are gonna be amazing.

This event is open EXCLUSIVELY to ICLN members and one guest. If you would like details on joining the ICLN just fill out the form below. 

If you are already an ICLN member you can sign up here. If you do not have the password email patrick@innovationcollective.co to get it.

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