What We Do for Corporate Partners

There is an increasing need for innovative solutions to stay competitive. Large companies need to easily find expert talent, cutting edge research and startups to acquire. Most only look to major metros and universities which are not where the greatest innovations or talent often come from. Innovation Collective provides our Corporate Partners with a consistent flow of fresh talent, ideas, and opportunities by forming a city into an inclusive reasearch and development community. 


Access to Research and Development

The next generation of innovation is being created in under-served communities all across the country. While exponential technology advances have traditionally come from multi-national corporations, there is a rising group of entrepreneurs who are creating the technologies and solutions of tomorrow, and they are doing so at a rate never before possible. Innovation Collective embeds itself in economic hubs and transforms these communities into centers of research and development. By creating an innovation ecosystem where entrepreneurs get the mentorship and support they need, access to capital, and the formation of strategic partnerships, Innovation Collective establishes research and development hubs that are focused on your company's needs. We create access channels for corporations that they would never otherwise recognize. From our custom Hack-a-thons to research and projects at schools and educational institutions, Innovation Colective can focus the research and development your company needs to stay competitive and create the products of tomorrow.


At Innovation Collective we believe strongly that the future of work is creating things of value and then developing strong alliances and partnerships with companies that are changing the world. We identify startups with big ideas and align them with corporate partners who can then mentor them, help channel their efforts and direction, and work with them to release their full potential.

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Talent Pipeline

Where are your next top notch employees going to come from? Innovation Collective works with our corporate partners to identify tomorrow's top talent by creating access to our innovation communities. Need an engineer that thinks differently? We can find you one. Looking for the next generation thought-leaders? How about Ph.D.'s in a given discipline? Innovation Collective cultivates a pipeline of talent that most recruiters would never have access to.


Current Partners