Does Your Community Need Innovation Collective?

Innovation Collective has developed a system so that any community can begin their transformation today! We have created three levels of engagement geared toward the most common scenarios that we see as we work to rebuild community and economic opportunity across the world. Read through the engagement levels and when you are ready to begin transforming your community, just fill out the form below and someone will respond asap. Don't hesitate. Begin changing your community today!


Level 1 (community Builder license)
Cost: Free

This level is geared toward those who want to get started building community immediately and do not necessarily have a financial partner such as the city, a community foundation, or corporation to help launch a more robust transformation of the city.

The following gives a brief outline of how this works:

  • You or a community manager must attend an online Bootcamp where we show you how to strategically rebuild community and start the process of turning the town into a city-wide inclusive incubator. This can be done at our headquarters in Coeur d’Alene or online. (all expenses are the responsibility of the Community Manager)
  • You will start by hosting a Fireside Chat once a month. (The second Wednesday of each month at 6pm)
  • You will then host a Coffee and Concepts once a month. (The first or third Wednesday of each month at 7:30am )
  • You will maintain our branding and hold to our brand standards through emails, logo placement, and a private Facebook community.
  • You will send us 2 pictures from every event and at least one story each quarter of what is happening that is showing how citizens or the economy is being activated.
  • You are responsible to schedule your own Fireside Chats and venues. We will teach you how to do this at no to low cost.
  • You agree to cross-promote our big events (festivals, Summits, etc) within your community.

Level 2 (community manager coaching license)
Cost: $1300/month, 1-year minimum agreement

This level is geared towards an organization who already employs someone or a group who would act as the community manager and assumes that they want regular hands-on coaching and guidance on turning your community into an Innovation Collective Hub. Typically this is a local Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corporation, or a College, etc.

The following gives a brief outline of how this works:

  • You or a community manager must attend an in-person boot camp where we will teach them how to be a community manager and start rebuilding community, etc.
  • You or a community manager will start by hosting a Fireside Chat once a month (the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm)
  • You or a community manager will then host Coffee and Concepts two times a month (the first and third Wednesday of each month)
  • You get access to a private group of other community managers around the world.
  • You get on-demand coaching from us on how to find their vertical, build community, connect education institutions, etc.
  • You get a weekly staff meeting for global community managers
  • You get a monthly hosted Ask Me Anything with our key leaders and founders.
  • You get all the tools to run our leadership network in your community.
  • You are responsible to book your own venues, summits, and festivals. We will teach you how to do this at low cost and turn them into revenue streams.
  • You can have access to our network of experts however as the community manager is not an IC employee you are taking on the responsibility to create a successful IC in your community with our coaching.
  • We teach you how to raise funds through sponsorships, community groups etc.
  • As we coach you on building up an revenue base we reduce the monthly fee and it becomes a revenue share.

Level 3 (innovation Collective Rapid deployment)
Cost: $113,000 - $496,000 per year for 5 years

This is geared towards the community that wants Innovation Collective to come in and transform their community. We hire the staff and take on all responsibility for transformation.

The following gives a brief outline of how this works:

  • Innovation Collective selects and hires a community manger
  • Innovation Collective begins scheduling, booking and hosting Monthly Fireside Chats
  • Innovation Collective begins scheduling and hosting bi-monthly Coffee and Concepts
  • Innovation Collective builds the town into an inclusive incubator and community of like-minded people
  • Innovation Collective begins to rebrand a community’s economy around a specific innovation technology
  • Innovation Collective gets local regional and national organizations to write articles about your community
  • Innovation Collective starts an ICLN (Innovation Collective Leadership Network) for your community
  • Innovation Collective starts teaching the Great 8 to your community
  • Innovation Collective hosts 3 private weekend long summits with experts from around the world
  • Innovation Collective brokers relationships for the town with large fortune 500 companies to “adopt” the town.
  • Innovation Collective hosts a monthly SNAP session for ICLN members (a community Rolodex style event)
  • Innovation Collective hosts a 3 day Think Big Festival celebrating the new technology that your community is focused on
  • Innovation Collective works with Mountain Man Ventures and local investors to establish a local investment strategy that will invest in companies.
  • Innovation Collective works with local Higher Education to establish new forms of work training
  • Innovation Collective begins the process of establishing an Innovation Den in your community
  • Innovation Collective cross promotes all events in order to help establish community and attendance within our entire organization

More Info?

If you are ready to take the next steps at any of the levels above, or just have some questions on how this all works, fill out the form below and we will follow up with you ASAP!

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