To thrive in the world's future economy, America must rebuild inclusive communities, inspire innovation, & Unlock economic prosperity.

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For the past 40 years, Americans have faced a series of obstacles that have handicapped our ability to thrive. In particular, many of us have missed out on the bounty of a robust economy, with wages flat and wealth concentrated in the hands of a privileged few. That's left many of our citizens -- especially the poor and those of modest incomes -- without the skills and financial stability needed to flourish.

Additionally, our systems of social engagement and support have either degraded or devolved into groups that encourage racial, class, or political divisions. That's left us increasingly isolated, disgruntled, and alone.

In the midst of these obstacles, an alarming new challenge has emerged: our future economy will likely need fewer workers at lower wages due to the technological advances of robotics, automation, and machine learning.

The danger is clear. America's mix of social isolation, economic fragility, and disruptive technologies could lead to increasing instability and inequality. 

Innovation Collective and its partners are working with fierce urgency to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Our mission is to rebuild inclusive communities, inspire innovation, and unlock economic prosperity. We do this by organizing individuals, cities, and businesses through a unique, five-year campaign that combines leadership courses, economic development, and education reforms.

Our vision is a series of cities that serve as hubs of innovation with economic niches (or "verticals") that reflect the history, strengths, and passions of its people. Our staff matches these hubs with corporations and investors who are keen to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs and civic leaders for their R&D, manufacturing, distributing, and venture philanthropy.

To learn more, explore our programs and see how you might help Innovation Collective achieve its critical mission and vision.