Lewiston, Idaho


The Pioneering Spirit is Alive and Well

The Second largest city in North Idaho, Lewiston began as a result of a gold rush. It quickly became the first capital of Idaho Territory and opened the first public school in Idaho. Lewiston has always prided itself on the “spirit of the settlers,” that embodies its history.  While Lewiston has traditionally based its economy on agriculture, it’s manufacturing base (specifically around paper) has kept Lewiston economically viable and diverse. Now in 2018 as Innovation Collective begins Fireside Chats, Lewiston will once again feel the “spirit of the pioneers” stoked as various entrepreneurs tell their stories of trailblazing and inspiration for the entire community.


Community Manager: Sam Gill, Jeremy Frisk
Contact: lewiston@innovationcollective.co


Fireside Chat: 2nd Wednesday of each month. 6PM Click here to check the Facebook group for more information on location.

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