Join Innovation Collective

At Innovation Collective we consider anyone who is involved with our community as a "member." There are multiple ways to join  our mission to rebuild inclusive communities, inspire innovation, and unlock economic prosperity:

IC: Community

The easiest way to get involved begins with becoming a community member and attending our free events. We host 36+ events each year that are free to the public. Our Fireside Chats and Coffee & Concepts will get you plugged into a group of like-minded, inspiring people who are working together to build a new kind of inclusive community. Everyone is welcome at any Innovation Collective event.

Additionally, we host an online community that encourages one another, helps each other solve problems and works together to find resources. Our community-based mailing list delivers the latest news and event information on each of our IC: Communities. You can sign up for our mailing list below.

Benefits: Free local events, regular email updates, and access to our online community
Cost: Donation of your choosing

IC: Mentoring

IC: Mentoring is a private online community that provides access to mentoring, leadership training and personal development through online video series, live webstreams, a designated online community providing accountability, invites to leadership summits, a quarterly book list, as well as all of the benefits of our IC: Community level.

Our twice per month video series features private interviews with leading entrepreneurs or leaders and a monthly focus on one of the Great 8 units. The Great 8 is our personal and professional development curriculum and weekly leadership assessment that will help you develop in whatever season of life you are focused on.

Lastly, you will get invites to quarterly leadership summits in the various Innovation Collective Communities where we operate and a list of the books we are reading together in the ICLN each quarter.

Benefits: All Benefits of IC: Community, plus bi-monthly video series (Great 8 Training and Private Interviews), access to leadership book list, online group for active mentoring and accountability, invitations to private leadership summits, weekly leadership assessment.
Cost: $7 per month

IC: Leadership Network

The Innovation Collective Leadership Network (ICLN) is an intentional network of leaders committed to growing together and purposefully developing themselves. The ICLN Operates in cities and towns where Innovation Collective has a physical presence. Members of the ICLN get free co-working spaces at our various Innovation Dens, monthly private SNAP sessions where we open our rolodex and help meet each other's business needs, quarterly leadership summits with some of the leading minds of our time, private invites to lunches and dinners with experts, an annual VIP pass to Think Big Festival, books purchased for you and a book club, Great 8 leadership groups, discounts at local businesses, and access to the training opportunities in other IC Communities.

Benefits: All benefits of IC: Community and IC: Mentoring plus, Free co-working facility access, monthly SNAP sessions, quarterly leadership summits, annual VIP pass to Think Big Festival, free leadership books, Great 8 leadership groups, discounts at local businesses, and co-working and access to training in other IC cities.
Cost: $66 per month

IC: Associates

IC: Associates is limited annual group comprised of people who are interested in direct access to cutting-edge information, leading innovation experts, and research on the latest trends in their given industry of interest. During the IC: Associates intake process, we get a better understanding of your industry of interest and goals. After that, we begin to operate like your personal research team and industry advisor. We perform 1 hour of research per month for you regarding your industry, distill it down, and report back to you in a personal monthly email what trends, investments, and break throughs you should be paying attention to.  In addition to the monthly research, you are able to schedule a 20min call with one of our Associates Mentors to discuss strategies for your business and/or ask him/her to make specific introductions that will help you further your goals. 

IC: Associates also receive a quaterly long form innovation update email, called "IC The Future", from our Assocaite Mentors. These reports review global breakthroughs and how they are shaping the current and future world. Lastly, IC: Associates are invited to an annual private dinner with some of the most incredible innovation experts in the world. Dinners of the past have included leaders from SpaceX, Facebook, Boeing, Microsoft, Walmart, Qualcomm, Accenture, and more. 


Benefits: All of the benefits of IC: Community, IC: Mentoring, and ICLN, plus an annual private dinner with leading innovation experts, 1 hour of research per month distilled and delivered to your inbox, quarterly innovation update email from Associate Mentors, Optional 20-min call with an Associate Mentor to discuss strategy and/or make introductions.
Cost:  $5,000 per year