Leadership Network (ICLN)

Studies show that many Americans are disconnected from the economic engines that create wealth, stability, and purpose. Not surprisingly, many of us are also socially isolated and lonely. IC's Leadership Network (ICLN) exists to tackle these challenges by inspiring participants to become the best versions of themselves through group reflection and shared community.


As an intentional network of leaders, we provide consistent intentionally crafted social opportunities and 24 annual structured leadership gatherings. These structured gatherings are offered as:

  • 3 Weekend Long Private Summits with Successful Entrepreneurs

  • 3 Eight Week Personal/Professional Development Sprints (The Great 8)

  • 12 Network Access sessions designed to make network sourced, purposeful introductions (SNAP Sessions)

  • 4 books read on your own and debriefed as a network

  • VIP Tickets to Think Big Festival

  • Special Access to multiple private venues

  • Free Co-Working at The Innovation Den

  • Access to IC Mentoring included

All of this access and growth for only $66 per month! This price will increase soon!



  • Private Summits: Imagine a two day summer camp for adults. That's what participants experience with the weekend-long Private Summits, where they laugh, learn, and party with some of the most interesting people on the planet. Three times a year, ICLN members gather to hear stories and gain practical advice from our featured speakers, which have included: a former CIA Field Agent, the Lead Designer of the Microsoft Fitness Band, a CEO who has sold several companies to Salesforce, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin America, the former President of Entertainment of Telemundo, the former Head of Marking for Johnson and Johnson, and the Founder of Mutt Industries.

  • The Great Eight: There are eight areas of life that affect everything we do but unfortunately don't come with an instruction manual. These include things like Purpose, Relationships, Money, Health, Confidence, and Fun/Play. Three times a year for eight weeks, a small group of participants explore who they are and what they are becoming in whatever season of life they're in. The goal is to provide concrete steps to recognize failings and ways to strengthen these deficiencies, taking those lessons into their personal and professional lives.

  • SNAP Sessions: Once a month, we take the Coffee & Concepts model and extend it into an extended meet-up where each member pitches the group on an idea. They make the case for 1) what problem they're trying to solve, 2) their solution, 3) why it's unique, 4) and the resources they'd need to take the idea to the next stage of development. The group brainstorms next steps and offers contacts in various industries who might help.

  • Book Club: ICLN members read a book each quarter on personal and professional development, with many books having been authored by past IC speakers. 

  • VIP Tickets to Think Big Festivals: Each IC Community has a three day Think Big Festival where the city celebrates the economic vertical it has chosen, bringing together the technology and business leaders who are advancing the industry. ICLN members get VIP access to these festivals and includes both reserved seating and access to exclusive parties.

  • Events in other ICLNs: As IC grows across the country, so too will the number of ICLNs. Members will be able to access those networks and related events for free.

  • Co-Working at The Innovation Den: As part of your ICLN membership you will get the opportunity to use the co-working spaces in The Innovation Den from 8AM to 5PM 7 days a week.


ICLN Member Miguel De Hoyos

Miguel joined ICLN after reading an article about its activities in the local press. He wanted to learn how to build a business and connect with others in the community. "I've learned a lot from just listening to successful entrepreneurs," De Hoyos said. "It's also really helpful to sit down with other people and bounce around crazy ideas. Even if it doesn't lead to a business, the process of deciding what might work or what would likely fail is critical." De Hoyos also enjoys The Great Eight groups. "The people are awesome. It's fun to be around people in the community who are oriented towards self-improvement and development."



ICLN Member Maren Maier

Maren is a Business Banking Officer at STCU and a long time ICLN member. "In 2014, I attended a Coffee & Concepts meeting and was instantly intrigued. In no time, I connected with others in the community and was able to offer advice to IC entrepreneurs on small business lending and establishing entity structures," she explained. "I've especially come to love how IC has brought women together. There's a group of us who mentor the next generation of local women and we all met through IC."


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