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Innovation Collective Leadership Network - ICLN

If you want to grow as a professional, there comes a time you must choose to engage a system and community around you that serves as your champion.
The Innovation Collective is that system; a community of executives, young entrepreneurs, policy makers and educators learning together and challenging each other while enjoying the best parts of life.
When describing our culture, we refer to it as an educational and social country club for entrepreneurs, providing access and privilege.
Henry David Thoreau is attributed with the quote, “Most men live quiet lives of desperation.” The Collective exists to prove Thoreau wrong.

That is why we provide consistent intentionally crafted social opportunities and 24 annual structured leadership gatherings. These structured gatherings are offered as:

• 3 Weekend Long Private Summits with Successful Entrepreneurs (Free)
• 3 Eight Week Personal/Professional Development Sprints (The Great 8) (Free)
• 12 Network Access sessions designed to make network sourced, purposeful introductions (SNAP Sessions) (Free)
• 4 books read on your own and debriefed as a network. (Free)
• VIP Tickets to Think Big Festival (Free)
• Special Access to The Blackwell Gallery and The Blackwell Hotel (Free)

All of this access and growth for only $66 per month!


Not in an Innovation Collective Hub?
Still want to be involved?

If you find yourself wanting to be involved in the ICLN but don't live in one of our IC Hubs, we have something very special for you: The ICLN: Online

ICLN: Online is a virtual community where you can invest in yourself! Just like a local ICLN the online community has been designed to help you become the best version of you possible. ICLN: Online offers:

• 3 Weekend Long Private Summits with Successful Entrepreneurs (reduced price)
• 4 books read on your own and debriefed as a network. (free)
• Monthly Newsletter Highlighting one of the Great 8 Areas of Focus (free)
• Exclusive Live Stream to Fireside Chats (free)
• Access to SNAP Sessions if you are traveling to an IC Hub (free)
• VIP Tickets to Think Big Festivals (reduced price)

All of this for only $4.99 per month

Let us Know If You Would Like to Be a Member or want more info!

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