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Innovation Collective Leadership Network - ICLN

If you want to grow as a professional, there comes a time you must choose to engage a system and community around you that serves as your champion.
The Innovation Collective is that system; a community of executives, young entrepreneurs, policy makers and educators learning together and challenging each other while enjoying the best parts of life.
When describing our culture, we refer to it as an educational and social country club for entrepreneurs, providing access and privilege.
Henry David Thoreau is attributed with the quote, “Most men live quiet lives of desperation.” The Collective exists to prove Thoreau wrong.

That is why we provide consistent intentionally crafted social opportunities and 24 annual structured leadership gatherings. These structured gatherings are offered as:

• 12 expert taught classes focused on optimizing capital, relationships and professional skills.
• 6 private Q and A sessions with notable executives
• 6 network access sessions designed to make network sourced purposeful
• 4 books read on your own and debriefed as a network.


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