IC: Mentoring


IC: Mentoring is a global network of people who are committed to becoming great leaders. There are a number of benefits that IC: Mentoring members gain even though they may not be located in a community where Innovation Collective has a physical presence.

Exclusive Bi-Monthly Video Content

Monthly, we stream two live conversations: 

  • One is with a great leader who teaches disciplines, tricks, and skills they have used to have a massive impact. 
  • The other, a series a training around one of the 8 areas of life we all need to keep growing in- relationships, money, health, self-talk, goal setting, work ethic, fun, and community engagement. The training helps you explore how each area is either helping you or hurting you in becoming the next phase of yourself. 

At any time you are encouraged to send in questions or topic ideas you would like to see covered and we will utilize our network of fortune 500 leaders to serve your needs.

Private Online Mentoring and Accountability Group

Our private online group designed to provide a single place for IC: Mentoring members to connect with others, seek out accountability and mentoring. Members get access to a group of like-minded members from around the country, our network of IC Mentors, and all of the content that will help you on your leadership journey.

Leadership Book List

IC: Mentoring members will get access to the book list for the IC: Leadership Network. You will be able to read along with members and interact with them via our private online group.

Invitations To Leadership Summits

As an IC: Mentoring member you will receive invitations to each of the quarterly Leadership Summits where we spend 48 hours being mentored by a range of impactful leaders who share their stories of personal and professional success, failure and insight. IC Leadership Summits are a unique experience where attendees get access to leaders like Employee 6 at Facebook, The former President of Entertainment for Telemundo, a former Cheif Media and Commerce Officer for Mondelez Foods, and A Former CIA Field Officer who was tasked with researching the effects of exponential job loss on US national security, just to name a few.

Weekly Leadership Assessment

Each week we give you the ability to keep track of how you are doing in each of the 8 areas of focus for the Great 8. You will be challenged to reflect on each of the areas of focus such as Self-Talk, Finances, Community Involvement, Health, and Relationships, give yourself a rating and then focus on the area most in need of your attention each week. The Weekly Leadership Assessment is a necessary tool for anyone serious about developing into the very best version of themselves possible.

All of this for only $7 per month.


ICLN Member Miguel De Hoyos

Miguel joined ICLN after reading an article about its activities in the local press. He wanted to learn how to build a business and connect with others in the community. "I've learned a lot from just listening to successful entrepreneurs," De Hoyos said. "It's also really helpful to sit down with other people and bounce around crazy ideas. Even if it doesn't lead to a business, the process of deciding what might work or what would likely fail is critical." De Hoyos also enjoys The Great Eight groups. "The people are awesome. It's fun to be around people in the community who are oriented towards self-improvement and development."



ICLN Member Maren Maier

Maren is Vice President of Commercial Relationships at Northwest Bank and a long time ICLN member. "In 2014, I attended a Coffee & Concepts meeting and was instantly intrigued. In no time, I connected with others in the community and was able to offer advice to IC entrepreneurs on small business lending and establishing entity structures," she explained. "I've especially come to love how IC has brought women together. There's a group of us who mentor the next generation of local women and we all met through IC."


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