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ICLN Summits are your opportunity to recharge, get inspired and spend quality time with some of the greatest minds of our generation. These 2-night experiences consist of stories that tell life lessons, professional development and a high energy business building session that will super-charge your ideas! They will also now consist of several interactive experiences that will change the way you think.

We scour the globe in search of professionals who have accomplished some incredible things and then they spend 2 days mentoring us. What kind of professionals? Think top executives from companies like: Facebook, SpaceX, Microsoft, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez International, IBM, Hasbro, Virgin America, Autodesk, SAP…Well you get the picture.

Where does the FBI find cyber security officers? Central New York, of course! If you have ever wondered how people from places like Mohawk Valley launch their careers into the stratosphere, we can’t wait for you to meet Gerard Johanson! Gerard started out his career working for the FBI as an online agent helping take down bad guys. This was just the beginning of a long career that has seen him as an executive for companies like Cisco, and BAE Systems, and now one of the most exciting security startups in the world. We promise Gerard’s story will not just be for the geeks in the crowd but for anyone who has dreamed of “a better life!” Oh and did we forget to tell you? He’s a Utica College grad!

When it comes to story-telling no on is better than the former Chief Marketing Officer for Johnson & Johnson, Lee Davis! Lee has spent nearly 30 years helping brands tell their story. From Coca-Cola, Nike, and Timberland to Heineken and Delta Airlines, Lee has been a part of some of the most notable branding and advertising campaigns in history. And Lee is coming to Utica to tell his story. Lee will share his insights into how he became one of the coolest people you will ever meet and how he learned to create some of the most memorable campaigns of our lifetime!

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This inspiring town in the middle of upstate New York is primed for a revolution. Our IC team and the incredibly supportive local community are working to connect local people with the transformative IC process and these scrappy New Yorkers are transforming their community one person at a time.


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