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About the Utica Community

This inspiring town in the middle of upstate New York is primed for a revolution. Our IC team and the incredibly supportive local community are working to connect local people with the transformative IC process and these scrappy New Yorkers are transforming their community one person at a time.


Utica is being unleashed

Over the past two years, Innovation Collective along with its partners have been engaging Utica with a systematic plan to help continue creating community, connecting people,  and training individuals to unlock the potential that is inside of them to turn their ideas into incredible products and companies. 

To that end the community has responded! We have seen the following growth and innovation take place over a relatively short period of time. 

  1. Over 20 companies in the region have been helped through training, mentoring, and consulting. 
  2. 10 new Idea-Stage ventures are currently being pursued.
  3. A brand new office space that was completely rented out in two weeks. Along with a co-working space that continues to grow. 
  4. Unique events for leadership training, mentoring, summits, and conferences that have attracted and gathered over 2,500 people throughout the region. 
  5. Virtual events that have brought in more than 2,000 people to participate in. 
  6. Incredible partnerships have been formed with local companies who offer perks for IC members. Which include: The Delta Hotel, The Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, Street Corner Market, M&T Bank, and more. 
  7. A thriving digital community with over 1,400 people that are active through private Facebook pages and digital communication.

Come and join the movement!

Our Engaged Utica Community!

Looking for mentorship, collaboration, Inspiration, or perhaps looking to give back yourself.. Join our rapidly growing, interactive community and see what impact we can make together!

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Community Events to inspire!

Utica offers ways to connect individuals, mentors, experts and community enthusiasts from all industries and interests with a multitude of events ranging from Coffee and Concepts, Fireside Chats, Summits, Mentor Webinars/Podcast and more! Come check out some of what we have and join the movement!

Coming Utica, NY. Events

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Facebook Community

Community and communication are essential to help a City thrive. Our Facebook community is a thriving place to share ideas, connect, ask for help, and stay in the loop with everything that's going on.

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