IC: Associates


IC: Associates are a select group of individuals who want or need a high level of access to leading industry innovators. Innovation Collective has developed a system whereby IC: Associates can gain the kind of competitive advantage that could help you succeed in ways you have only dreamed of.  IC: Associates is only available to 25 individuals.

Annual Private Dinner With Leading Innovation Experts

Once a year we will gather some of the leading experts in innovation and host a private dinner that will give IC: Associates exclusive access to them and their knowledge. This private dinner will not only give you an opportunity to develop a relationship with these experts, but they will share their insight on industry specific knowledge that will give you an edge and help you understand what is coming down the innovation pipeline so that you can be prepared for your next steps.

Custom Monthly Research

The Innovation Collective Research Team will spend an hour per month researching any industry on which you would like to focus. Our research team digs deep into industry news, trends, experts and our network, then distills the results into a monthly digest that is sent directly to your inbox. 

Quaterly Innovation Update Email

Each month Nick Smoot will send an innovation update email directly your inbox called, IC the Future." These emails will examine current innovation trends, technological breakthroughs and global changes that will effect markets, industries, and investment strategies.

Optional Monthly 20 Minute Call with Nick Smoot

IC: Associates have the option each month, to schedule a call with Nick Smoot where you will have an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time picking his brain about strategies, business options, or requesting introductions to specific individuals that are valuable to you or your organization's future. Think of this as a bat phone to Nick's brain and network! And it is available exclusively to IC: Associates.


Cost- $5000 per year.


ICLN Member Miguel De Hoyos

Miguel joined ICLN after reading an article about its activities in the local press. He wanted to learn how to build a business and connect with others in the community. "I've learned a lot from just listening to successful entrepreneurs," De Hoyos said. "It's also really helpful to sit down with other people and bounce around crazy ideas. Even if it doesn't lead to a business, the process of deciding what might work or what would likely fail is critical." De Hoyos also enjoys The Great Eight groups. "The people are awesome. It's fun to be around people in the community who are oriented towards self-improvement and development."



ICLN Member Maren Maier

Maren is Vice President of Commercial Relationships at Northwest Bank and a long time ICLN member. "In 2014, I attended a Coffee & Concepts meeting and was instantly intrigued. In no time, I connected with others in the community and was able to offer advice to IC entrepreneurs on small business lending and establishing entity structures," she explained. "I've especially come to love how IC has brought women together. There's a group of us who mentor the next generation of local women and we all met through IC."


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