Growth doesn't happen by accident.

Our entrepreneurial and personal growth program tailored to you.

Grow is your pathway to get your ideas off the ground and to build a community to support you.

Growth Pathways

The grow Community is filled with people like us who are striving to fulfill our purpose and mission. Every quarter, the grow community engages in a unique pathway that helps us become the people we are meant to be.


Great 8 Groups

What happens when you take control of your growth? Magic happens. You and a small group of people meet weekly to walk through eight core areas of life.


Explore Book Club

Not your average book club. We curate books that will unlock your curiosity. Helping to expand your ideas and knowledge.



Have you ever wished that you had access to mentors who have accomplished everything you've wanted to? Studio is an eight week experience where you learn from incredible leaders, discuss with your community, and get mentored by people who are changing the world.

The Great 8

This is an 8 week, weekly gathering that creates time for you to explore who you are intentionally becoming or wanting to become and how your strengths and weaknesses in 8 areas of life; health, vision, self talk, finances, community investment, fun/play, grit, and relationships are impacting that. During this weekly small group gathering, you encounter an atmosphere of non judgmental and self requested accountability as you establish goals and new habits that accelerate you in life.




Life doesn't have to be boring, serious, and monotonous. There is a wonder and a magic to life that you have access to.




You were never meant to live alone. Join a passionate group of people who want to experience better together.




There is more in you than you think. What we all want to accomplish will take work, effort, and grit We're here to help unlock it together.




Money is a tool for good. We all need to understand how to effectively manage our money to accomplish the crazy goals that we have.




Limiting beliefs have the potential to ruin all of us. Having the right perspective and community around us can change the trajectory of our lives.




Deep relationships are essential to ensuring we thrive. learn how to navigate relationships in an environment that creates opportunities to find new friends.




If you don't know where you're going you cannot accomplish your dreams. Period. However, if you can gain vision and clarity for your life, the sky is literally the limit.




In order to become the person you should be and accomplish everything you want to, you need to be healthy. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

This craziness actually works.

Don't take it from us, here is what our members are saying

I was suddenly aware of a very alive, passionate, hungry fellowship of neighbors from all ages and walks of life with a desire to ignite a movement of prosperity in my community….and I wanted to contribute to it.

- D. Jesaitus, New York

“Innovation Collective and their team has brought a sense of excitement and new energy that the area hasn’t seen in years! Their vision and passion for helping entrepreneurs take important steps forward is contagious!”

- J. Wicks, New York

“Like someone opened the window and let in a breath of fresh air. Wonderful panel of extraordinary young people who have not only already accomplished so much but who spoke from a wisdom and a sensibility well beyond their years as champions for elevating the human experience.“

- S. Jones, New York

“I am very Impressed with innovation collectives movement to help the community and each other as well as provide free Professional advice to help other people and organization to succeed. Innovation Collective is a unique organization to reach out to our community. Thank you for what you are doing.”

- C. Booth, Idaho


Studio is a process we’ve developed to unlock magic in creators, entrepreneurs, and startups. Collectively, our team has been advising, investing in, or building startups for over 50 years! Each of these moments have become crucial lessons to building and scaling a company. These lessons are what we want to pass along to the members of our leadership community as you as you venture down the road of building your startup. 

Grow or launch your company and yourself into the future!

The venture studio has been set up into two phases:


Studio 1 

This 8 week interactive course will set you up for the right mindset, direction, team construct, and product plan. During your 8 weeks, you will have a mentorship experience with one of our veteran startup mentors and a chance at the end to join our phase 2 studio. Phase 1 is included at no cost into your membership in the IC Leadership Community.


Studio 2

This ongoing partnership is designed to have our national staff and mentor pool unlock doors, set up meetings, and see around corners. There is no designed curriculum, just a team of startup veterans who help you “push the car” as you drive into the future. Phase 2 is only offered to those who have completed phase 1 and are ICLC members. Upon applying to phase 2, our staff reviews the application and sets up a meeting.