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Funding Partners

Key to our success is the ability to scale IC Communities into new cities across the country and, eventually, within targeted nations abroad. In order to do so, we need funding partners who passionately believe in our mission, our methodology, and our staff.


If you're interested in joining an existing IC Community, choose a city and explore its calendar of events.

New Cities

Eager citizens have expressed an interest in how they might start an IC Community without a funding partner. For these bootstrappers we offer a bare-bones affiliate structure that lays the groundwork for an eventual IC Community.


If you are interested in serving as a speaker or would like to introduce us to one, click "Learn More" and a staff member will get in touch with you ASAP.


As we launch new IC Communities, we’ll be looking for local staff to guide and inspire cities through their IC transformations. We’ll also grow our headquarters staff.

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