Fireside Chats

Over the past 40 years, Americans have become increasingly divided and isolated. Our old systems of inclusive engagement -- from unions to bowling clubs -- have lost members or simply disappeared. For the groups that remain, many serve as a force of division, separating friends and neighbors based on their race, politics, or class. 

Meanwhile, America's economic prosperity has been concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, leaving many communities in a state of desperation and defeat. It's also disadvantaged a generation of citizens without the professional skills and financial stability needed to flourish.

Fireside Chats seek to remedy these trends by rebuilding and reinspiring our communities through a monthly speakers series that reminds people that they have a unique place in our nation's future and have something special -- even magical -- to offer.

IC guides fascinating story tellers -- including local entrepreneurs, civic leaders, educators, politicians, journalists, and citizens -- through their life's journey to share vulnerable moments of triumph, failure, and wisdom. Speakers also offer up practical advice for how to address personal and professional challenges. Afterwards, attendees mingle over free wine and beer for purposeful networking and inspired dialogue.

Examples of recent speakers include the below.

Kevin Lindsey.jpg

Kevin Lindsey - Entrepreneur, Former Google Engineer

Kevin has spent the last 30 years as a software engineer and entrepreneur, working with startup companies in print advertising and software development. He is a Y Combinator Alumni, former Google engineer, and named on 20 patents. He was a co-author of the book "SVG Unleashed" and currently resides in northern Idaho.

Kevin enjoys sharing his life's journey with IC participants, especially the challenges and joys of startups, engineering, and selling his company to Google.


Mark Solon.jpg

Mark Solon - Managing Partner, Techstars

Mark is a Managing Partner at Techstars Ventures. Previously, he co-founded and was Managing Partner of Highway 12 Ventures and has been investing in and working with startups since 1995. He's served on the board of directors of companies such as SendGrid, Sphero, Purch, Balihoo, Lendio, Statmuse, Two Bit Circus and many others. He’s also the past Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association.