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Fireside Chats

Once a month, Innovation Collective Community Leads gather local community members who many do not know exist in a community or have never heard their story. These nights of story telling and inspiration serve as a monthly connection point for community members, provide a consistent message of hope and encouragement, and reframe the narrative of a community by making an innovation economy feel accessible.

Typical Fireside Chat Speakers are local entrepreneurs, civic leaders, politicians, and even unknown citizens. Innovation Collective’s Community Leads draw out of these locals their life’s journey in order to spotlight vulnerable moments of triumph, failure, vision, and wisdom.  Attendees mingle over free drinks, and make meaningful connections with other like-minded members of their community.


Coffee & Concepts

For many people technology still feels like black magic. Moreover they often do not feel like they can participate in the innovation economy. Coffee & Concepts is a unique experience where local community members discuss the latest technology advancements in a way that anyone can understand and then share their big ideas for companies, or products that they are passionate about.

Innovation Collective Community Leads then facilitate immediate connections with others in the community to meet whatever needs they have right then and there and even form companies on the spot. These high energy, bi-monthly meetings are free to the public and large swath of community demographics. From middle school students, to retirees, everyone is represented in Coffee & Concepts!

Leadership Summits

ICLC Summits are your opportunity to recharge, get inspired and spend quality time with some of the greatest minds of our generation. These 2-day experiences consist of stories that tell life lessons, professional development and a high energy business building session that will super-charge your ideas! They will also consist of several interactive experiences that will change the way you think.

We scour the globe in search of professionals who have accomplished some incredible things and then they spend 2 days mentoring us. What kind of professionals? Think top executives from companies like: Facebook, SpaceX, Microsoft, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez International, IBM, Hasbro, Virgin America, Autodesk, SAP…Well you get the picture.


Think Big Festival

Think Big Festival is a three-day celebration that gathers a community’s citizens to explore the innovations and opportunities related to their vertical and gives them access to coveted industry experts. Events include a private concert, hands-on carnival of products and services related to the vertical, and TED Talk-like remarks on the latest trends and challenges affecting industry.

In addition to the Tech Carnival a one day Think Tank is established and attended by roughly 50 experts. This Think Tank includes all of the speakers and experts participating in TBF, as well as hand-picked local entrepreneurs, educators, and community leaders. Through a series of guided activities Think Tank participants focus on issues facing the world, the city of Brooksville, and even several curated issues with regard to the economic vertical of longevity as an export and startup opportunities surrounding that vertical. Specifically a discussion regarding how a local town can serve global corporations as a test bed for their given technology vertical.

Visit Thinkbigfestival.com for more information.

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Collorabrative Campuses for Creators

We activate overlooked places and turn them into creative spaces. 

From old banks, churches, empty warehouses, dirty basements, and old stores, we are bringing renewal and life to communities that are hungry for change.

Which includes, speak easy's, cigar lounges, creative spaces, theaters, coffee shops, barbers, and more. We are innovating place making for creators to live, work, and play in community. 

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Event Spaces

Our spaces are meant for gathering together to pursue incredible things. We host curated experiences for the whole community to come to learn, be inspired, and to pursue better. 

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Private Offices

If your startup or growing company needs private spaces, we have you covered. 

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Speak Easy's

Want to have special access to a space that has been perfectly curated for community, business, relationships? Our speak easy's are secretive spaces to build relationships, smoke cigars, and have a drink.


Collaborative  Spaces

All of our campuses are designed with collaborative spaces for community and work. With open spaces, shared work stations, in an environment that promotes inspiration and action.


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