Boise, Idaho


Growing Community and opportunity in the City of Trees

Even from it’s humble beginnings, Boise has always been a city that valued entrepreneurship and innovation. Home to industry pioneers like Albertsons, J.R. Simplot,,  and Micron, Boise has a history of high-tech industries playing a role in its future. Now in 2018 Boise will take it’s next steps in its entrepreneurial journey when Innovation Collective: Boise brings authentic community inspired by innovation to the entire city. Beginning with Fireside Chats, Boise will provide inspiration to everyone by telling the stories of entrepreneurs who have lead the way and how they accomplished their dreams.


Community Manager: DJ Ramirez, Zach Hanna
Contact: DJ, Zach


Fireside Chat: 2nd Wed of each month. 6PM - Check the Facebook group for more information on location. Click here for the events page on Facebook.

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