Working with funding partners, Innovation Collective plans to launch 200 IC Communities over the next 10 years. Doing so will require us to raise $100,000 to $500,000 per city each year. It's a considerable challenge but one that we're excited to tackle. 

In the meantime, eager citizens have asked whether they might start their own IC Community without major funding. In a word, yes! We've created an affiliate structure that gives volunteers the barebones training on how to start and run a basic IC Community.


Affiliate volunteers -- also called "bootstrappers" -- first complete an application and phone interview to ensure a good fit with the goals and culture of IC. If successful, these bootstrappers attend an online bootcamp where we explain how to run two IC programs (Fireside Chats and Coffee & Concepts). Training also includes how to maintain our brand through emails, logos, and private Facebook communities.

If the affiliate is successful, our staff will prioritize the city for future funding as a fully sponsored IC Community.

To become a bootstrapper, please request an application by sending us a request at affiliate(at)