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We have one mission at the Innovation Collective, help everyone in the world understand and prepare for the future of work. We believe that "work" as it was traditionally known, repetitive tasks, is for machines. Humans come alive and are most fulfilled when they can contribute to the creation of something meaningful. This can be a piece of art, a story, a new technology or a one of a kind tree house. 

In short, we work with citizens, local governments, businesses, non-profits and schools to gain an understanding of the town's past industries and economic success, determine a profitable niche around an exponential technology, and create legislation to enable the success of this technology. 

Then we bring in industry experts from companies like Google, Facebook, SpaceX, Apple, and many more to help engage the community in their selected tech niche. 

Finally, we create a hub for entrepreneurs and local businesses to connect. By providing access to capital, mentoring, leadership training, and a network of other professionals from around the world, we create the support system for the future of work. The result is a rebranded economy, activated citizens and global experts supporting/mentoring the local innovation economy. 

In the last few years we have seen technological breakthroughs the world had never thought possible, come out of cities that no one would have ever expected.  

Welcome to the greatest opportunity of our time. 


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