Funding Partners

IC works with cities, foundations, corporations, and average citizens to raise the funds necessary to operate our many programs as well as expand into new regions. Our tiers of support -- which can be tax deductible -- include the following.

Venture Partner

For an annual investment of $100,000 - $500,000, IC employs a local Community Manager who is trained to implement the full suite of IC programs. 


For an annual investment of $15,600, IC staff will coach a local community member on how to implement a limited suite of IC programs. These include Fireside Chats, Coffee & Concepts, ICLN, and Think Big Festivals. At this price-point, however, we do not assist in introducing Corporate Partners or Investors.


We welcome contributions of lesser amounts for either specific programs or general operating funds. This can be done anonymously or via corporate sponsorship.

Please contact Partners(at) to learn more.